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    Part I: Battle Preparations

    Unleash the Power of Your Words

    Develop a Passion for His Presence

    Nuclear Weapons in a Nutshell

    Part II: Nuclear Strategies to Blast the Devil

    Declare Victory over the Flesh

                Prayer of Confession and Repentance

                Declarations of Freedom from Slavery to Sin

                Prayer of Victory over the Old Nature

                Prayer for Others with Addictions

                Declarations of Victory over Lust

                Prayer of Victory over the Flesh

    Know Your Identity in Christ Jesus

                Confession of Who I Am, According to God

                Confession of Who I Am in Christ

                Bold Declarations of Anointing

    Exercise Your Authority

                Declarations of Authority over the Devil

                Declarations of a Hedge of Protection

                The “Nuclear Bomb” of Binding

                Declarations of Loosing

                The “Nuclear Bomb” of Loosing

                Prayer of Binding and Loosing

                Commanding Declaration

                Commanding Prayer

                Declarations of Immunity

    Overcome Adversity

                Mountain-Moving Declaration

                Mountain-Moving Confession

                Confessions of Breakthrough

    Invoke the Blood of Jesus

                Declarations to Honor the Blood of Jesus

                Declarations to Activate the Blood of Jesus

                Declaration to Apply the Blood of Jesus

                Declaration to Hold and Sprinkle the Blood of Jesus

                Declaration to Draw a Blood Line

                Additional Declarations to Apply, Plead, and Otherwise Activate the Blood

    Declare the Blessing

                Scriptural Assurances of God’s Blessing for the Family

                Declarations of God’s Blessing for the Family

                Declarations of God’s Blessing for Children

                Prayer for a Teenager

                Declarations of Prosperity and Provision

                Declarations of Divine Blessing, Favor, and Guidance

                Declarations of Divine Wisdom, Knowledge, and Success

                Declarations of Righteousness

                Declarations of Blessings based on Deuteronomy 28

                Scriptural Declarations of Blessings

                Declarations to Release the Blessing into Every Part of Our Being

    Trust in God’s Faithfulness

                Scriptural Declarations of Trust in God

                Declaration of Trust in God

                Scriptural Confessions of God’s Faithfulness

    Part III: Topical Guide to Biblical Declarations

    A Church or Ministry

                Declarations of Fruitful Ministry and Widespread Salvation

                Declarations for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

    Comfort in Times of Grief and Sadness

                Prayer for Comfort after Loss of Loved One

                Scriptures to Stand On after Loss of Loved One

                Scriptures of Assurance of God’s Presence

                Prayer to Combat Loneliness

                Declarations of Joy and Contentment

                Declarations of Peace


                Prayer for a New Job

                Confession for a New Job

                Prayer for Favor on the Job

                Declaration of Increase

                Scriptural Declarations of Prosperity


                Confessions of Favor


                Confessions of Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

                Confessions of Faith rather than Fear

                Scripture to Stand On in the Face of Fear

                Anti-Anxiety Confessions

                Declarations for Stress Management

                Declarations of Abundant Material Provision

                Prayer of Binding and Loosing of Finances

                Scriptural Declarations of Blessings in Any Economy

                Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

                Scriptural Confessions to Combat Worry


                Prayer of Forgiveness

                Prayer of Commitment to Walk in Forgiveness

                Declaration of Forgiveness


                Scriptural Confessions of Healing

                Declaration to Stop Bleeding

                Declaration to Repel Recurring Symptoms

                Confession in Preparation for Communion

                Declaration of Communion

                Prayer to Affirm Faith for Healing

                Declarations of Faith for Health

                Declarations to Command the Body

                Prayer to Seal Your Healing


                Prayer to Live in Love

                Declarations of Love

                Prayer of Commitment to Love

                Confession for a Harmonious Marriage

                Prayer for a Harmonious Marriage

                Prayer to Defeat the Spirit of Divorce

    Personal Edification

                Declarations to Build Up Your Inner Man

                Declarations to Frame Your Future

                Declarations to Edify Your Spirit-Man

                Declarations to Establish God’s Word in Your Life

                Declarations to Establish Yourself in Righteousness

                My “Never Again” List

                Positive, Faith-Filled Confessions I

                Confessions of Success

                Positive, Faith-Filled Confessions II

                Scriptures to Cast Off Fear and Unbelief

                Prayer to Cast Off Fear and Unbelief


                Petition for a Heavenly Grant

                General Intercessory Declarations

                Prayer for Nation and Leaders

                Declaratory Prayer for the Security of the United States

                Prayer for Jerusalem

                Prayer of Thanksgiving

                Confessions of a Life Pleasing to God


                Prayer for Protection I

                Prayer for Protection II

                Prayer for Putting On the Armor of God

                Declaration of Protection Based on Psalm 91

    Salvation and Spiritual Growth

                Scriptures of Salvation

                Personal Salvation Prayer

                Scriptural Assurances of Salvation for Family Members

                Declarations of Salvation for Others

                Tither’s Confession

                Prayer of Provision Based on Malachi 3:8–12

                Prayer to Anoint an Offering

                Prayer for Spiritual Growth

                Prayer for Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    Sowing and Reaping

                Seeds to Sow if You Want to Reap…


                Abundant Provision


                Wise Direction and Guidance

                Boldness instead of Fear

                The Peace of Protection and Safety

                Salvation, for Yourself or Others

                Victory over Weakness and Failure

                The Joy of Seeing Your Children and Grandchildren Serving God

    Wisdom and Guidance

                Prayer for Guidance in Decision Making

                Prayer for Wisdom

                Declarations of Divine Wisdom and Guidance

                Scriptural Confessions of Knowing All Things


                Prayers to Bless the Names of God

                Psalm 23: A Guide for Praise and Worship Using the Redemptive Names of Jehovah

                Scriptures and Scriptural Declarations to Exalt the Lord

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