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    Gloria Copeland has said, "People may not deserve the destruction the devil brings them, but the devil doesn't give people what they deserve; he does whatever he can get away with."  Did you pick up on that?  The devil and his demons will do to you and your loved ones whatever he can get away with!  So then, the important question is:  ARE YOU GOING TO LET HIM?!


    • Are you going to let him get away with putting sickness and disease on your body?
    • Are you going to let him continue to keep you in lack in your finances?
    • Are you going to let him continue to cause strife and unforgiveness in your relationships?
    • Are you going to let him destroy your marriage?
    • Are you going to let him keep your children blinded to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?


    THEN, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!   Does it make you mad enough at the devil to do something about it?

     You see, if you do not know what God's Word says about your situation, and then exercise your authority over that rat, then he WILL continue to attack you and your loved ones!  And he will get much pleasure out of tearing up everything that you love and hold dear!

    You see, the devil couldn't care less if you have legal authority over him as long as you don't use it!

    True, exercising your authority over the enemy takes work!  You won't run him off by begging God to do something, and you certainly won't run the devil off by talking about how he is beating you up!  You are only establishing how powerful he is, and bringing glory to the devil!

    You must find the Scriptures that apply to your situation, and believe that these Scriptures are meant for YOU.  Meditate on them, speak them aloud, and declare, "It is written...." in every situation.

    My new book, SPIRITUAL WEAPONS HANDBOOK will help you find the appropriate Scriptures quickly. It will also assist you in personalizing these Scriptures, and give you declarations to speak.  Doing so will not only let the devil know that you know your rights, but speaking the Word aloud will also build your faith because, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God."  (Rom. 10:17)

    You must persist in doing this until the devil finally realizes that you mean it, and that you are not going to back down and allow him to run all over you and your family!  DON'T LET HIM GET BY WITH A SINGLE THING!  Keep him on a tight lease!  After all, he is a low-down dog!

    You can read a brief description of SPIRITUAL WEAPONS HANDBOOK  here:

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