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    By Cheryl Gipson    

                Candy, our family dog was dying with distemper, but the truth of God’s word set her free and saved her life.

                We were living in Fritch, Texas and my daughters, Amy and April Gipson had lost their family pet a few weeks earlier. Coming out of a local business one morning, I saw a young girl sitting on the curb of the sidewalk with a box of puppies in front of her. One little female seemed to stand out from all the rest. She was half German Shepherd and half Border Collie and was headed for the pound if no one wanted to take her home that day. Unable to resist, I picked her up and headed home.

                The girls loved her. She was warm and playful and they named her Candy. Having her helped to fill the void left by the pet they had lost. For many months during this time I had been praying for God to open my understanding concerning divine healing. I was impressed to read the gospels and “watch Jesus.” I noticed that He was always healing the sick and that He never said “no” to anyone who came to Him to be healed.  The  realization that I was missing something in the way I had been taught in my early Christian life became very clear. I pondered the fact that the bible said Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever so I began to wonder why we saw so few miracles anymore. After all, Jesus is the same today as He was back then.

                Mark 11: 23 & 24 intrigued me. I meditated on what the word said about having what I said if I believed in my heart and did not doubt. I noticed that it mentioned “three” times in these two verses that we have what we “say.” I circled the words and asked God to open my understanding. I pondered as to whether it could really be that negative thoughts put into words were the chains that held Christians in sickness and defeat. Could it be that some of the things that God was blamed for was really man’s lack of understanding?

                Meanwhile time passed and Candy grew as my faith was growing. Unknown to me, Candy and I were about to have an encounter that would bring a miracle and build the faith of two little girls and all who would hear the story. We had a destiny with the opening of our understanding to the simplicity of faith.

                Late one evening I noticed that Candy did not look well. There appeared to be a lot of saliva coming from her mouth and her eyes to seem to plead for comfort. The following day her symptoms had grown worse and having seen a case of distemper before, I knew that she had contracted the deadly virus. As she grew sicker, the girl’s dad took her to the vet. He confirmed that she was dying with distemper and there was nothing that could be done to save her. Candy had received a death sentence.

                Once again Amy and April were losing another beloved pet and somehow that just did not seem right. It was sad to see what was happening to our beautiful Candy. Then,  I felt a tugging in my heart and I  was impressed that there was nothing more we could lose at this point but there was much to gain. Some may disagree with what I felt God spoke to me but none-the-less, I heard Him say to me, “Why don’t you  try out your new faith in this situation?” 

     Mark 11: 23 & 24 rose up strong in my heart. “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever (I was a whosoever) shall say unto this mountain (distemper) ‘be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea;’ and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall whatever he saith.” (From the KJV) (Underlining and emphasis is mine.)

    Hope began to fill my heart and despair faded away like a wisp of smoke in the wind. I called the family together and shared with them what I felt the Lord had spoken to me. I then told them that we were going to pray for Candy and speak to the mountain of distemper, then we were going to say that she was healed and nothing else. We were to speak not one negative word but to declare in the face of whatever we saw that Candy was healed and she was healed NOW!  We were going to stand on what Jesus said in Mark 11: 23 & 24 and the girls agreed. We vowed that no matter what we saw in the next few hours we would only say what we desired to have and nothing else. We then prayed for Candy. We gathered outside and laid our hands on her. We took authority according to Luke 10:19, over the mountain of distemper and told it to move in Jesus Name. We stood up and looked at Candy and nothing had changed that we could see. Their dad and I looked at one another and I said, “The dog is healed!” He looked back at the dog and nodded his head. I knew his thoughts because mine were the same but we did not speak our fear but we said what we desired. “The dog is healed.”

                Jesus did not say I would have what I thought.  He said I would have what I said...and I said, “the dog is healed.” I looked into the eyes of my little girls and said it again. They soaked it in and hope was reborn in the midst of the slobbering symptoms of distemper that “looked” like they had possessed their beloved dog.

                That evening I was plagued with negative thoughts. I think the devil must have assigned a boardroom of demons of doubt to rail against my faith. I responded by quoting the Word aloud. I reminded satan that God’s Word would not fail and that my daughters would not be disappointed. I hung on to the fact that what I said was what I was going to receive. I felt shaky on the inside but I meditated on Mark 11:23 & 24. If I could not trust this scripture then how could I trust John 3:16?

                How could I know I was born again and going to heaven if I could not trust this one? I was watching the battle with my physical eyes and the hour for the needed manifestation was now. Death was fighting to take Candy from us but I knew that if I held the rudder of my mouth steady, I would win the

    battle to receive what was already mine. I was not going to let satan deceive me into letting go of the promise and giving him an inch with my mouth. He stood by eagerly waiting to take whatever words I might give to him. That was the only “in” he had to killing Candy with distemper.

                The second day, early in the morning I woke up to the sound of a dog yelping in pain. Immediately the devil said to me, “That is your dog and she is DYING!”  My heart beat faster and fear tried to overwhelm me. “She is going to die and you are going to ruin your girl’s faith.” The devil whispered these lies to my mind. He desperately wanted me to just say one time…”oh no, she is dying…”, but I never did. I kept my face to the wind and sailed directly into the storm with that scripture in my heart and it took us to victory!

                I walked to the back door that morning and listened to the sound of the yelping dog. My thoughts were not faith thoughts but my words were. With the “what ifs” trying to race through my mind, I said aloud  “My dog is healed.”  As I listened to the yelping, satan continued to try to convince me to fall into this trap, but I discovered that morning that no matter how you feel or what is flooding your mind, you speak your faith and only the desired result and hold your rudder ( tongue) firm in what your faith is out there for.

                I want to be clear in the fact that I was continually bombarded with whispers of how I was going to disappoint Amy and April and that Candy would die and they would never believe or have faith in God for anything again. I had butterflies in my stomach and the only assurance I had that the outcome would be life for Candy was that the Word said I would have what I say….so all I did was ignore the butterflies and the lies and say what I wanted, “the dog is healed.”  There was no other discussion from anyone. It was not ok to say anything except what we had agreed to say. “The dog is healed. My dog shall live and not die, she is healed now,”  I said while the yelping continued. The darts of doubt were hitting my heart but the words of faith repelled them and they fell to the ground in defeat.

                I heard the enemy say, “That is your dog in convulsions and she is dying now. Hurry, go wake the girls and tell them she is!”  I knew the plan was to get me to “say” it so he could take the wheel and divert our course of faith.  Again I said, “the dog is healed.” Several minutes later I discovered it was a neighbor’s puppy caught in the fence making all the noise.

                As the second day passed we realized Candy was missing. We continued to speak, “ she is healed.”  Finally Amy saddled her horse and went to look for her. When I heard the sound of racing hooves coming back up the road to the house I knew that something was terribly wrong. Amy was visibly shaken as she told me she had found Candy.

                “Mom she is…”

                “Stop!”  I said, “Do not say it! Look at me! She is healed, do hear me, she is healed!”

                Amy shook her head in agreement without ever finishing her sentence containing the negative news. We got into the car and went to get Candy. She was very sick, it was evident that blindness was trying to set in,  and she was going into paralysis.  I looked at my little girls and said, “She is healed and she will live and not you hear me?”  They nodded in agreement and we carried her back to the garage. We placed her on a blanket and we rebuked the spirit of death in Jesus name, then thanked God that she was already healed. We left, shut the door and went into the house. The girl’s dad looked at me and I said, “She is healed.” I had no physical evidence but I had the promise of God’s Word.  I had made a decision to step out on the water and believe those  promises therefore I was not going to climb back in the boat in the darkest hour of this crisis.

                That night I talked to the Lord and said, “Lord, tomorrow is the third day and we need a manifestation. “I believe that when I go out to the garage in the morning, a perfectly healthy dog is going to greet me at the door and I thank you for it.” It was the end of the second day and no one had uttered one negative word.

                That night I fought another battle with the butterflies in my stomach and the words of the devil ringing in my ears. “You are going to destroy your girls faith.”  I pushed backed with “the Word says I have what I say and I say the dog is healed”

                Early the next morning I went out to the garage. Those few steps from the house to the garage were the most memorable I think I have ever taken in my life. I looked at the garage door for a moment and knew that without a miracle Candy would be dead. I was convinced we had obeyed Mark 11: 23 & 24 and I reached out and opened the door.

                A perfectly healthy, frisky, and beautiful Candy greeted me and she was ready to play. The paralysis was gone, the sickness was gone and she could see perfectly. The slobbering mess was gone from her mouth and she was a free spirit. She bounded across the yard and I tossed her a stick as I yelled to the family to get outside. As they rushed to the door,  the girls began to laugh and run and play with Candy. Their dad watched from the door and I looked at him, smiled and said, “The dog is healed.” Joy filled our hearts that day. We sailed the troubled seas and spoke to the mountain, then said what we wanted to see and it happened.

    Candy lived for many more years and died in 1997. She had a litter of puppies and one was accidently run over by a car. Once again,  we stood in the same manner and spoke the same words with no negative talk. The next morning the puppy was totally healed. Whether one agrees with the method, which is the Word, the results can never be denied. Remember where there is a promise, that is always God’s will!

    Mark 11: 23 & 24


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