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    Speaking God's Word to the mountains in your life is NOT akin to rubbing a rabbit's foot!
    Re-speaking God's promises sincerely and in faith simply confirms that you believe that God means what He said in His Word.  It means that you understand the "terms of your Contract."  ("Contract" being a modern-day term for "covenant" or New Testament).  God cannot change, but circumstances CAN change by using your spiritual weapons in warfare, and one of those weapons is The Word of God coming out of your mouth.  (2 Cor. 4:13-18)

    Jesus did NOT say in Mk. 11:23, 24,  "... If you will THINK about the mountain..."  He did not say, "... Pray about the mountain..."  Certainly, Jesus did not say, "Pray that I take away the mountain!"  He said, "... SAY to this mountain..."  "Saying" is audible.  And what you SAY is critical!  What you say should be in agreement with what God says in His Word.  That's what is meant by "confessing the Word."

    Believing, meditating on, and speaking the Word of God is how God instructed people throughout the Bible to have success and remove obstacles in their lives.  (Josh. 1:8; Ps. 1:1-3 and many more).  His methods have not changed just because people think they are highly educated and smarter than God!

    I just heard a well-known speaker on Christian TV say that confessing the Promises of God is just barely a step up from rubbing a rabbit's foot.  IMHO, He showed his ignorance of the way that Jesus dealt with temptations, as well as how He got His own prayers answered.  Jesus said to the disiciples, "(YOU) SAY to the mountain..."  (YOU is the understood subject in this passage).  Jesus answered the devil's temptations by SAYING,  "It is written...," and then quoted Scriptures.  

    God gave us the ability to create and change with our words.  That doesn't mean we ARE God; it simply means that we are being great disciples by doing what He said to do to deal with problems in our lives.  

    Hebrews 11:3 says that "the worlds were framed by the Word of God."  That is the very same way we are to "frame our world," - by using the Word of God to change things. We are created in God's image to live like Him and follow His example on how to deal with problems.
    Once again, that does not mean that we think we are God or "little gods."   We are simply following His instructions just like you teach your children and desire for them to follow your instructions on how to do things.

    If we would follow the way that Jesus said to "move mountains," then we would have more success in our prayer life.

    (This is my blog and my opinion as I see it).  :)

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