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    Do you realize that you can predict  your future?  All you have to do is listen to your words.  If you want to know the outlook of your health, what your finances will look like, and the future of your relationships, if you want to know how your kids and grandchildren will turn out,  listen carefully to the words you are saying.  If you do not like the future they are predicting, change what you are saying!  


    • Instead of talking about sickness and pain all of the time, speak what God says about your body! Declare that you are "every whit whole," and that the root cause of the pain cannot remain, in Jesus' Name!  Declare Ps. 107:20 - "[He] sent His Word -Jesus-and healed me from every destruction!"


    • Instead of talking about how broke you are, how you never get ahead, how your car is a piece of junk, declare what God says about your finances!  Say, "Thank You, Father God, that you supply all of our needs. You have made provision for everything we need, and you also provide the desires of our hearts.  As we seek first the Kingdom of God, You will see to it that we always have provision. So, Lord, I thank You in advance for abundance."


    • Instead of constantly establishing with your words the waywardness of your children or grandchildren, only say what God's Word promises you!  There are biblical promises of salvation that apply specifically to your family:

    "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household." (Acts 16:31) Believe that your entire household will be saved simply because you are saved!  Even if they no longer live under your roof, they will always be part of your household.

    "Today salvation has come to this house." (Luke 19:9)  If the person for whom you are praying is a blood relative - even in-laws and distant relatives -claim this verse for him/her.

    Change your words, change your future - and the future of your loved ones! 

    ORDER YOUR COPY OF SPIRITUAL WEAPONS HANDBOOK  for more examples of biblical decalaration to customize to your situation.  



    Here is an excellent word from Gloria Copeland:

    Do Your Own Praying

    "Is any one among you afflicted -ill-treated, suffering evil? He should pray."
    (James 5:13)

    The Greek word translated afflicted doesn't mean the result of sickness and disease. It means "troubled." 

    If you're in trouble, you need to pray. That's what the Word says. Notice it didn't say your pastor needs to pray for you or your friends need to pray for you. It says you need to pray. 

    Too often we try to find a quick fix to our problems by asking everyone else to pray for us. There's nothing wrong, of course, with having others pray for you, but you'll never get your life to a place of permanent victory until you begin to pray yourself. 

    The biggest church in the world is in Seoul, Korea. It's pastored by Dr. David Cho, and the last I heard, it had more than 700,000 members. How did that church grow to be so large? According to Dr. Cho, the key is prayer. Not just his prayers but the prayers of his people. Praying is a way of life in that church. They have a place called Prayer Mountain where thousands of people come every day to pray. 

    I once heard Dr. Cho's mother-in-law on television talking about the emphasis they put on prayer. She said that when their church members are in trouble, when they have marriage problems or problems in their personal life, before anything else is done, those church members are told to go and fast and pray for 24 hours. 

    We need to do more of that here in our churches in the United States. We need to quit training our people to run around asking others to pray for them and train them instead to do their own praying. 

    You see, if I pray for God to solve one problem for you, you may enjoy success for a while, but then another problem will come along because you'll still be making the same old mistakes that got you in trouble the first time. But if you buckle down and do that praying for yourself, if you discipline yourself to start searching out the things of the Spirit, you'll get permanent answers. You'll learn how to make adjustments in your life that will keep those problems from cropping up again. 

    If you have made Jesus your Lord, you have access to the throne of Almighty God. He has every solution to every problem you'll ever have, and He's just waiting for you to come to Him, so He can give you the answer. It may take some private time alone with Him for you to hear it, but He will never disappoint you. 

    Don't depend on others to do your praying for you. Go personally to the throne of God today.

    Scripture Study:  Psalm 5







    No matter how bad the problem is you may be facing today, no matter how far under the circumstances you may be, in 24 hours you can be back on top! 

    "Oh, Brother Copeland, that would be impossible!" 

    That's what the Samaritans thought in 2 Kings 7. Their land was being ravaged by famine. Enemy troops had surrounded them and cut off all source of supply. Mothers were eating their own children just to survive. 

    But right in the middle of that, the Lord told the prophet Elisha that in 24 hours the whole situation would change. Flour and barley would sell for just a few pennies and there would be abundance for all. 

    What did God use to turn that situation around? 

    Four lepers! Four lepers who, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and waiting to die, decided to arise and take their chances in the enemy camp. When they got there, they found it abandoned. All the warriors had been frightened away by the angels of God, and they'd left enough food behind to feed all of Samaria! 

    Sometimes you and I are like the officials in that story. We get problem-centered instead of Word of God centered. We let ourselves be so surrounded with the loud voice of the world that the vision of our victory is pushed out of sight. 

    When that happens, faith and power begin to subside and life caves in on us from every side. 

    If that's happened to you, stop crying about it. Stop looking at your problem and feeling sorry for yourself. That won't change anything! 

    Just like He did for Elisha, God's given you a word. He's promised you victory. He's promised to make you an overcomer. 

    So don't just sit there till you die. Don't accept defeat. Rise up in faith. Stand up on God's Word and fight for your life. Get mad at Satan. Cast him out. Get mad at that sickness. Get angry with poverty and start giving. 

    Rise up and receive the deliverance of the Lord!

    Scripture Study:  2 Kings 6:24-33, 2 Kings 7:1-20





    Here is a fabulous word from Derek Prince!

    Pray Up Your Immune System! 

    1 Corinthians 14:4, "He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself…"

    Many Charismatics believe that when you speak in tongues, you edify or build up your spirit man. Well, that is only one-third true. The Bible does not say that the speaker edifies his spirit. No, it says that the speaker “edifies himself”. This means his entire self — spirit, soul and body. So he who speaks in tongues builds up his spirit, soul and body.

    Does this include building up your immune system? Yes, it does! Brain specialists at Oral Roberts University’s hospital found out through research and testing that when a person prays in tongues, his brain releases two chemicals that are directed to his immune system, giving it a 35 to 40 per cent boost. Interestingly, these secretions are triggered by a part of our brain that has no other apparent activity and which is activated only when we pray in tongues.  (WOW!)  

    Now, your immune system is your first line of defense against diseases. During the SARS outbreak in Singapore in 2003, not everyone who had the disease died. Only those whose immune systems were weak succumbed to the disease and died. Therefore, many people resorted to vitamins and herbs to boost their immune systems.

    A 74-year-old church member decided to build up his immune system against more heart problems. Two of his arteries were 70 per cent blocked and five smaller vessels were 80 per cent blocked. So during a church service, when I asked those who wanted to be healed of heart problems to stand up, he stood up, placed his hand over his heart and prayed in tongues.

    He shared that at that moment, he believed that the Holy Spirit touched him and he became a different person. When he went for his medical check-up, his surgeon found that all the blockages in his blood vessels were gone! Even a scheduled heart-related operation was cancelled as there was no longer any necessity for it. Indeed, he was a different person. He literally had a change of heart, a new heart from God!

    You may not have a heart condition, but you can still pray in tongues and pray up your immune system!  With so much sickness and disease "going around," build up your immune system by praying in tongues so that nothing can stick!  



    The Scriptures reveal that confession (that is, "speaking") is a way to possession.  Mark 11:23-24 and Romans 10:9-10 are just two of those Scriptures.  There are many, many more that teach us that we must speak out the Word of God and claim what Jesus obtained for us.
    We are also taught in the Scriptures that we must hold fast to our confession of faith without wavering.  It is obvious that there would be no need to hold fast to it if there were no danger of losing it!
    The children of Israel heard what God said about giving them the land of Promise, but they didn't hold fast the confessions of God's Word and lost it.
    God even dispatched an angel to keep them in the way and lead them to the Promise Land.  But because they would not obey His voice and hearken to the angel, with the exception of Joshua and Caleb, all who were twenty-years-old at the time they left Egypt died in the wilderness.
    Joshua and Caleb held fast to their confession for forty years, saying, "we are well able to take it!"  Forty years later when they entered into the Promise Land, Caleb said, "give me the mountain with the giants on it."
    He was 84 years old, but he said, "I WILL take the mountain with the giants on it!"  He experienced the wilderness the same as the others, but he never changed his confession.  After forty years he was still well able to do it, and thank God he did!
    The bottom line is, what you say with your mouth is what will eventually be established in your heart - whether it is the lie of the enemy or the Word of  God.
    Faith comes by hearing and speaking the Word of God.  Fear comes by hearing and quoting and speaking the words of the devil.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  On the other hand, fear is the substance of things you DO NOT desire.  
    I encourage you to keep the promise of God in your mouth.  It will summon faith and cause you to be in the right place at the right time to live out the reality of the promise of God in your life.
    May God give each of you wisdom and direction to deal wisely with every decision you make in life, so that you WILL be in the right place at the right time for God's promises to be manifest in your life.


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