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    When you were born again, you were literally born into a royal family. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords adopted you into His family, and now you can enjoy all the rights and privileges associated with royalty. You now have access to a royal inheritance! Would you like to know how to receive and enjoy that inheritance? Let me show you!

    Affirming God’s Word sincerely, from the heart, will strengthen your faith and enable you to lay claim to your inheritance as a believer. If you affirm—that is, “re-speak”—God’s Word each day, it will get into your spirit man, you will totally change your world! Knowing and trusting God’s promises changes everything in our lives. We must believe that God cannot lie; that if He said it in His Word, it is ours—if we abide in Him and receive those promises by faith.

    Spiritual Weapons Handbook is a collection of confessions, biblical affirmations, and scriptural principles to help intensify your faith, resulting in a wall of protection that the enemy cannot penetrate!