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    Sunday School Class Eager to Study Book

    My sunday school class, they are happy campers they are soooooooooooo excited ,they got this today. Cant wait to begin to hear the reports from them  Thank you Gail for putting all this in a book.  ~Ellen Rohrs-Johns 



    Gail's Previous Book, Nuclear Prayers That Blast the Devil

    I love Gail's book, Nuclear Prayers That Blast The Devil! I have been praying some of the prayers and especially the Prayer for Protection and Bind The Strongman. I was with my husband, Tim, one night he was driving on the highway when we saw a deer was standing right in the middle of the road. Tim swerved to miss it and our car spun around and we ended up in the middle of the highway facing the opposite way we were going, but we didn't hit the deer! We were not hurt and the car was not damaged. There were no other cars or it could have been really bad. I believe God protected us because of the prayers I learned in this book. I am learning some good stuff from this book. Thank you Gail for putting this book out. This is something I believe everyone should read. Deb


    Hi Gail,
    I just wanted to let you know that my husband is coming around (mentally) and really trying to work things out with me; I stayed in the word and kept praying the prayer you sent me of "Binding and Loosing Prayer To set Someone Else Free", and Glory to God,; it worked. He was also on heavy med.s and is set free from those to; .... But for months I stayed obedient in saying that prayer and God is restoring my marriage. I look forward to hearing you speak again; thank you again. And I am glad that I am able to give you this good report. I am still praying for a miracle for his release. And I know in God's time he will answer. Thank you again, and may the good Lord bless you and yours, sincerely

    (This prayer is now called "Binding Prayer To Strip Away the Old Nature" on page 64-65).:


    I just wanted to give a testimony of how using the prayers and speaking the word works, I started Gail's class in Sep of 2009 , now I started using her first book in Aug of 2009, I had a claim going on at the time for 7 years, and had received another letter in August of 2009 basically saying they were going to turn me down for my compensation on my husbands death, I started claiming things that be not as though they were Romans 4:17, September of 2009 I received a letter saying my claim would be sent before a doctor I had been trying to get this done since 2002 and it had not happened, in Nov of 2009 a doctor agreed with my claim in Jan of  I was approved and in April it all came to pass, this is what happens when you pray the word. The word works, I have prayed the whole book it works, it is so important to plead the blood of Jesus , and put on the armor of God daily, this has changed my whole life, I have been delivered from so much just from doing this, grief especially, I really want to encourage others to get this book and use it on a daily basis it works, it will change your life, you can't be all down and out when you pray the word of God like this because God will move on your life in an awesome way. I want to thank Gail for being obedient and writing this book so others could benefit by knowing how to pray the word of God ,thank you so much


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