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    Spiritual Weapons Handbook began as a handbook I compiled for use in ministering to others. Because I frequently pray for people concerning many areas of their lives, it became necessary to bring together the Scriptures and materials I used in a single resource for easy access when ministering to people.

    As a teacher, I was continually giving out “confession cards” and other various materials in my classes. These tools were invaluable for teaching people how to overcome the adversities in their lives by speaking aloud and meditating on Scriptures and concepts from the Word of God. These people began asking for copies to give to their family and friends; and so, the next logical step was to make this material available to them in a user-friendly format.

    Another consideration for publishing Spiritual Weapons Handbook was the need to teach people how to believe God for themselves. It does very little good for people to get healed if they do not know how to stay healed! And in order to stay healed, one has to learn to think right and speak right—all of the time!

    When I minister to people, it is simply not feasible for me to spend two or three hours teaching them the principles of believing God and expecting things from Him. Nor is it feasible to attempt, in a short amount of time, to teach them their covenant rights as believers in order to build their faith to receive from God. Instead, I have made available this resource of Scriptures and Scripture-based declarations, so that the people to whom I minister may renew their minds and learn to think like God thinks, with the end result being the continued manifestation of the healing, victory, or other answer to prayer.